Additional Services- Cannabis Deleafing

Did you know?

Baby Cannabis Plant about 10-14 days old. Within 12 weeks it will be ready to be trimmed by us

On any given day, 420 Trimming Group is capable of trimming 50-100 lbs of cannabis depending on strain. On average, our trimmers trim 2-4 lbs each in 8-10 hours depending on strain.


Additional Service


420 Trimming Group is happy to announce that other than cannabis trimming, we will also be providing a cannabis de-leafing service,  The de-leafing Service is charged separately. 


Quality Control

After the Cannabis dries after harvesting, the nuggs and leaves shrink but still needs our trimming


Aside from our regular trimming service, we also offer an additional quality control service. That includes going over the trimmed product twice to make sure your cannabis is ready for packaging and going on display. Weighing and bagging the cannabis is also included. We also bag, weigh and go over the trim/shake. Give us a call today! (209) TRIM-420 

(209) 874-6420